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Menu lodenica Šintava

Friday, 8.5.2015
Lunch: Vegetable soup, chopped steak, potatos, salad
Dinner: Chicken saute, rice
Saturday, 9.5.2015
Breakfast: ham, cheese, vegetable, butter, bread, tea/cofee
Lunch: Potato soup, steak in potato pancake, potatos, salad
Dinner: chicken breast, pasta
Sunday, 10.5.2015
Breakfast: cheese, egg, vegetable, bread/yogurt, milk/cacao/tee
Lunch: Meat soup, chicken thighs, rice

Please send your food orders until May 1, 2015 at the latest on e-mail: dankamich@pobox.sk

Price list

Breakfast: 2.30 EUR
Lunch: 4.00 EUR
Dinner: 3.00 EUR

Accomodation in Sintava

person: 2.50 EUR/night
electricity:     3.00 EUR/day
dog: free
2 persons: 11.00 EUR/night including electricity
dog: free
Parking for competitiors not accommodated in the competition area
2.00 EUR/day


Accomodation Komplex Kaskády

Komplex Kaskády (GPS: N 48.209474, E 17.798924)

If you are planning to book this accommodation, please don't use the hotel’s "booking sytstem" but write directly on e-mail kaskady@kaskady.sk and refer to our club: SKIPER. You will be offered our special price. Reservations on e-mail: kaskady@kaskady.sk

Single room           29 €/night
Double room40 €/night
Triple room60 €/night
Dog3 €/night
Tourist tax0.66 €/pers.


Accomodation Ranch on Sliver lake

Galanta, ranch (GPS: 48°12'30.7"N 17°43'48.3"E (48.208528 N, 17.730083 E)

Reservations: e-mail: rancgalanta@rancgalanta.sk

Single room           17 €/night
Double room24 €/night
Dog3 €/night


  Agility klub SKIPER Bratislava, Mlynská 20, 900 44 Tomášov, www.skiper.sk