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General Terms and Conditions

The competition is organized in line with the rules of the Assocation of Slovak Agility Clubs that are based on the FCI Agility Reglement. The organizers retain the right to change the programme, judges, number of competing teams. Free running of dogs is not allowed (in particular close to the rings). The owner/handler takes all responsibility for damages caused by a dog. Should the competition not be held for unforeseen circumstances, the entry fees will be retained by the organizers and used to cover the expenses. Please keep the competition area clean (clean up after your dogs). It is forbidden to smoke, drink alcohol and/or take any illegal drugs in the competition area.

Podmienky účasti: Competition is open to all dogs over 18 months of age with valid competition licence / record book.
In order to be eligible for the C.A.C.Ag./res.C.A.C.Ag. certificate, the competitior has to hand over a photocopy of the dog’s FCI pedigree during the registration.

Veterinárne podmienky:  The competitors must show an EU pet passport or a vaccination passport during the registration, in which it will be clearely stated that the dog in concern has been vaccinated against rabies, distemper and parvovirus at least 21 days and at most 1 year before the date of the competition.

  Agility klub SKIPER Bratislava, Mlynská 20, 900 44 Tomášov, www.skiper.sk